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(Effective 1 June 2011)



1. The information in the various pages of the Global Water Academy website is issued by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research for general distribution. The information presented is protected under the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literature and Artistic works, under other international conventions and under national laws on copyright and neighbouring rights. Extracts of the information in the website may be reviewed, reproduced or translated for research or private study but not for sale or for use in conjunction with commercial purposes. Any use of information in the website should be accompanied by an acknowledgment of the Global Water Academy as the source, citing the uniform resource locator (URL) of the article.

2. Reproduction or translation of substantial portions of the website, or any use other than for educational or other non-commercial purposes, require explicit, prior authorization in writing. Applications and enquiries should be addressed to the programme responsible for the page used. The designations employed and the presentation of the information in this website do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries.

3. The mention of specific companies or of certain manufacturers’ products does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research in preference to others of a similar nature that are not mentioned. The United Nations Institute for Training and Research does not warrant that the information contained in the website is complete and correct and shall not be liable whatsoever for any damages incurred as a result of its use.

4. UNITAR makes every effort to ensure, but cannot and does not guarantee, and makes no warranties as to, the accuracy, accessibility, integrity and timeliness of this information. UNITAR assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of this site and further disclaims any liability of any nature for any loss howsoever caused in connection with using this website. UNITAR may make changes to these materials at any time without notice.

5. Hyperlinks to other websites are provided as a convenience only, and imply neither responsibility for, nor approval of, the information contained in those other websites on the part of UNITAR. UNITAR makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, availability, reliability or content of such information, text, graphics, and hyperlinks. UNITAR has not tested any software located on other sites and does not make any representations as to the quality, safety, reliability or suitability of such software.

6. Nothing relating to this disclaimer or the UNITAR website shall be deemed a waiver of any of the privileges and immunities of UNITAR in conformity with the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the Specialized Agencies approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations on November 21, 1947.


7. All information collected through the UNITAR website will be strictly kept confidential and UNITAR will not sell participant or partner information to any third parties.

8. By accessing this site, certain information about the User, such as Internet protocol (IP) addresses, navigation through the Site, the software used, and the time spent, along with other similar information, will be stored on Global Water Academy servers. These will not specifically identify the User. The information will be used internally only for website traffic analysis. If the User provides unique identifying information, such as name, address, and other information on forms stored on this Site, such information will be used only for communication with the User about a given event for which the User chose to register or apply, or for statistical purposes and will not be published for general access. UNITAR, however, assumes no responsibility for the security of this information.

The Data Protection and Privacy Policy stipulates how UNITAR collects and uses the personal data that you, as a UNITAR participant or website visitor (“user”), provides or that we collect from you, when you use this website or when you register, apply or participate in a UNITAR event, whether in person or online, and outlines your data protection and privacy rights as a user.


9. This outlines the standards of behavior expected from members of the UNITAR Global Water Academy (“UGWA”) community forum. The UGWA is dedicated to upholding the principles of equality and respect for all individuals, as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Every person deserves to be treated with dignity, regardless of race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth, or any other status. Discriminatory comments of any kind are not tolerated on this platform. The Global Water Academy strives to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and heard. Any instances of discriminatory behaviour will be addressed promptly and may result in the removal of offending content and possible restriction of access to our services.


10. Discriminatory comments, whether explicit or implicit, including but not limited to:

  • Sexist remarks or behavior that denigrates or stereotypes individuals based on gender.
  • Homophobic or transphobic remarks or behavior that targets individuals based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Racist or xenophobic remarks or behavior that marginalizes individuals based on race, ethnicity, or nationality.
  • Ableist comments or behavior that discriminates against individuals with disabilities.
  • Ageist comments or behavior that discriminates against individuals based on age.
  • Any other form of discrimination or harassment based on protected characteristics.


  1. Members who experience or witness discriminatory comments in the UGWA community forum are encouraged to report such behavior immediately to the forum moderators or administrators. Reports should include specific details of the incident, including the date, time, and content of the discriminatory comment.




  1. Upon receiving a report of discriminatory behavior, UGWA moderators or administrators will promptly investigate the matter. If the reported behavior is found to violate this Policy, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken, which may include:
  • Warning or temporary suspension from the community forum.
  • Permanent expulsion from the community forum.
  • Reporting the incident to relevant authorities if deemed necessary.




  1. UGWA prohibits retaliation against individuals who report discriminatory behavior in good faith. Any form of retaliation against a reporting individual will be treated as a separate violation of this Policy and will result in disciplinary action.




  1. All UGWA community forum members are expected to comply with this Policy at all times. Failure to adhere to this Policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from the community forum.


This Policy is subject to periodic review and may be updated or modified as necessary to ensure its effectiveness in maintaining a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment within the UGWA community forum.


By participating in the UGWA community forum, members acknowledge their understanding of and agreement to abide by this Zero-Tolerance Policy against discriminatory comments.


16. Bank Transfers and the Credit Cards VISA and MasterCard are the acceptable methods of payment. UNITAR’s current policy states that payment(s) must be made in full before the participant may gain access to an event or course.

17. To protect your privacy, your bank cannot provide UNITAR with information about why your payment was declined.  Because of this, you are most likely need to contact your bank directly to solve most payment issues.


18. All participants are strongly urged to choose their event or course carefully.  The current UNITAR policy in force does not refund any payment received for a particular course. If a participant is unable to take a particular course the fee will be applied to another course.

19. Refunds are issued only under exceptional cases when events/courses are canceled by UNITAR.



21. Any payment disputes, controversy or claim arising under or pursuant to these General Conditions of Use shall be settled by an agreed mode of dispute resolution, including but not limited to, arbitration, which shall be the exclusive mode of resolving disputes hereunder. Nothing contained in or related to these General Conditions of Use shall be deemed a waiver, express or implied, of the privileges and immunities of the United Nations.


22. Read through these General Conditions of Use carefully as they are subject to change at any given time. Your agreement is required towards these General Conditions of Use before you can continue with your payment process towards any UNITAR event or course.

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